Call For Papers

Technical papers are solicited on the topics pertaining to the scope of the Conference will include, but are not limited to:

Technical TracksBoard areasDescription
Track-1Power ConvertersAC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC and DC/DC Topologies, modeling and Control
Components and DevicesPower Device modeling and Device Drivers, Packaging of Devices, systems and thermal issues, Magnetic materials and Component design, passives and filter designs
Track-2Electrical Machines Modeling, Analysis and Design of rotating and linear machines and electromagnetic devices
Track-3Industrial DrivesConverters, Operation and Control
EMI EMI and EMC issues in Power Electronic System Design and Packaging, Methods of Analysis and filters.
Track-4Renewable EnergyDistributed Power Generation, Control and Grid Interaction
Energy StorageRole and Operation in Grids and Microgrids, Charging and Discharging, Battery Management Systems, Battery Engineering, Battery use and reuse
Track-5Smart & Micro Grids Modeling and Control, Integration of Multiple Energy Sources, Economics of Smart Grids and Micro grids
Track-6Power QualityQuantification and Estimation of Disturbances in transmission and distribution Networks, Converters and Control for improving power quality.
Power Flow ControlReactive and active power controls, FACTS devices.
Track-7TransportationPower Electronics and motor control for xEV Applications, charging methods and standards, Wireless Charging, G2V and V2G applications, Aircraft and space applications, Railway Traction applications.
Track-8Power Engineering Education Teaching concepts in Power Engineering and Laboratory Innovations.
Policy Issues Policies for Distributed Generation, Smart Grids and operation with increased renewable penetration.

The working language of the conference is English. Prospective authors are requested to initially submit their digest (4 pages max) following the guidelines available on the conference website. All papers registered and presented at PEDES-2020 will be included in the Conference Proceedings, which will be submitted to IEEE for publication in IEEE Xplore.